Sponsorship Project Fall 2019

This fall a new camera filter is being released; it uses a v-1 grade mica lens and a linear polarized sheet to transform reflections, highlights and more into a spectacular rainbow spectrum. The coloration bias and intensity are variable with a twist of the wrist.

Color-matching, artificial repetition and fantasy effects are all possible in standard configuration while the mica front plate also serves as a passive ND filter and wave-guide.

Mica also happens to be extremely heat resistant.

Here are the details and conditions of the sponsorship project.

Filters will be provided free of charge for evaluation to a select range of photographers and videographers. The goal is to develop a wide set of images which show the diverse range of possible outcomes when using the filter to photograph different subjects.

The benefits:

A free 52mm Mica and linear polarizer filter set

Next steps:

Either send me an email at wallfacerdesign@gmail.com with you preferred lens filter size (under 52mm), model camera and affiliation to apply (send a nice letter!) or by emailing back a response to the invitation email.


The purpose of this sponsorship period is simple; to develop a gallery of incredible images taken using the mica filter system organized by photographer, for the purpose of advertising. Photographers in the sponsorship program are expected to actively use the mica filter in their work and regularly submit those best works produced. In general, I'm asking you to send me 2+ good photos a week. You get to keep the filter and I get to use your photos for advertising (you can sell them too!.) Ideally, you would send me some photos weekly until the first day of the year 2020; January 1st 2020. Additional feedback about the durability, design ideas, etc. will be welcome.

I am looking for two still photographers, and one videographer. Additional evaluation samples will be produced upon demand.

David Troetschel

Toviah Botwinik