Mica Sunglasses

Wallfacer Design is making mica sunglasses; there are a number of very serious technical challenges in doing so, some self imposed and others having to do more with just getting something manufactured in general. 

-Frame(s) should be able to support a variety of thicknesses of mica, and potentially glass.

-Not for safety purposes at this time, although mica does have some unique properties and was traditionally used by blacksmiths and the like..

-Intended market will be Tindie and local boutique stores. (If interested, reach out!)

-As much manufacturing as possible will happen in the tri-state region. (With Pennsylvania as its hub.)

-Frames should be able to be modified and adapted for a range of sizes yet robust.

-Outsource labor as much as possible to free up design time.

My personal budget for this project is arbitrarily around $500 to be completed in phases where a design is released, funds acquired and then a subsequent design released.

This is a Wallfacer Design project.

Thank-you: Electron Microscopy Sciences of Hatfield PA

It is advised that you visit this projects Hackaday page; a type of blog which show the project process.

This page will be embedded at a later time, as will access to 3D models.


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