Composite Skidplate R&D

A skidplate for the Yamaha 1983 XT200 was completed and is for sale at: Yamaha XT200 50/50 Carbon/Kevlar Skid-Plate

Direct contact or find the relevant posting on Adventure Rider for a steep discount.

Please see: for more details.

After doing significant research we found that there were little to now standards for skidplate design and construction for the motorcycle industry. As part of a composites course in college we established our own baseline testing and fail standards, specifically we evaluated the dynamics of a vehicle crossing a tree and appointed deflection past the actual engine casing as a failure. We determined connection points and then ran simulations of various designs as if they were being subjected to similar loads as crossing a tree.

One of the designs for the XT200 which exceeded our expectations was produced and the prototype is for sale.

A design for the BMW 2006 F650GS is also available but has not been produced, contact for more details.

To Be Continued