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I specialize in ride-along race photography.

Using an electric unicycle, I ride with and ahead of my subjects to get amazing up-close shots and unique perspectives!

Previously I have documented the Whisky Rebellion race 21’ Hillman 22’ and numerous Critical Mass, PGH Onewheel, EUC,and Full Moon Feature rides. Currently also scheduled for the Oil Boom ride on July 2nd (more to come!)

I do both photography and video but focus on one or the other depending on the race and client needs.

Additional examples of my work:


Video at: (or search Wallfacer Design)

For the average race or photoshoot ~45 miles, my rate is $120. This helps cover travel, wear and tear, digital hosting and equipment investments. You can expect ~100 curated images or thirty minutes of stabilized raw video footage with unlimited rights of usage. Additionally, composite and edited images are uploaded to this site to allow riders to buy individual images.

I ride a Kingsong S18 Electric Unicycle (EUC) with suspension and dirt bike tire - My typical range is 45 miles @22MPH~ Top speed: 30MPH (Yes, I do offer riding lessons!)

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