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hard work yields results

With strong vision, good team, proper resources and taste; it would seem anything is possible.

We can take on the hardest problems of our time, but not alone and certainly not without direction.

Lunar rovers need better dust seals, 3D printers on Mars won't have the luxury of errors, people need help navigating our cities; and oh yeah, we should probably figure out that energy problem.

Fortunately; there is a ceaseless fountain of these problems and appropriate funding!

These challenges cannot be tackled alone however and the paperwork intimidating, a vast orchestration of resources will be required to allow flexibility and yet assure success. Typically a company would be founded to specialize in the pursuit of a particular category of grant with a modest retained staff, this generates an observed boom bust cycle and overspecialization.

There are technicalities but generally it would appear that up to half of a grant may be performed by contractors, that we need for each grant a few full time employees and one or more die-hards.

By having a public ledger of all available people and resources we will collectively be able to scour these grants, organize into sub groups, present arguments, recruit and when appropriate - apply for these grants.

Our scale and openness will allow for quick assessment of our ability to approach problems and budget resources, a co-op model would reward all parties and incentivize higher responsibility roles. Generally one should consider themselves a steward of the funds allocated rather than the money as a wage. Such a company as this could exist in both a physical and digital domain, some projects will require concentration in a physical space. For this we may establish small offices, develop partnerships with existing companies and utilize makerspaces.

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