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All in one optimization based, modular environmental system.

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Life Support Module:

Linux based compute module with Steveland interface and app.

-Manage all variables; water, light, nutrients, temperature, long term seasonal simulations and more.

-Open-source database project allows for easy setup and easy customization.

Expansion port modules:

-Four gated connections each.

-Digital communication.

-Stack as needed.

-Open source hardware.

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Nutrient Cartridges:

-Refillable or disposable. Wet/Dry.

-Shared ID codes for plug and play.

-LSM can request

Auxiliary Ports:


-Support Mounts

-Camera Rigs

-Experimental Apparatus


Frame and Chassis:

-Interactive online Builder and ordering system.

-Nearly unlimited size range.

-OSHW adapter plates to fit any housing.

-Build to the spec you need; from earth based terrarium to zero-g light seeking smart plant habitat.